nike dri-fit victory half zip golf top

I’m onto my second Nike Dri-Fit Victory Top, courtesy of family Christmas presents.

Product Summary

The Nike Dri-Fit Victory Half Zip Golf Top is an inexpensive garment for golfers and non-golf, casual wear use, ie: athleisure.

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Product Details

Here are the main features of this Nike Men’s golf top.


This top is available in plain black or plain white; as you can tell, I wear the black top.


I’m 5 foot 8, fairly slim built, and wear the medium size; before you buy, I recommend that you use Nike’s sizing guide; it’s reasonably accurate.


The item is a very plain design except for the zipper.

The 1/2-length zip is covered up to hide the unsightly zippers you see on other tops.

There’s the classic Nike tick just above the left breast; 

And the other advantage is that it blocks the wind out.

Materials and Technology

The top is made from a double-knit fabric.

The outside is a soft fleece fabric, but the inside is entirely different.

Nike’s Dry-Fit technology is a wicking fabric that draws moisture away from the body.

It’s also very lightweight washes well in a washing machine at 40 degrees, although after 3 months, the garment does begin to bobble a little.

Alternatives – Try the Nike Dri-Fit Vapor

If you’re looking for Nike’s alternative, I’d recommend the Nike Dri-Fit Vapor 1/2-Zip Golf Top.

You can read the full review here.

The Nike Dri-Fit Vapor 1/2-Zip Golf Top is more expensive than this Victory Top but is much more stylish with its black and dark smoke grey color palette.